Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Proper Equipment Set

When you are in the midst of a water emergency the last thing on your mind is what type of equipment is my water mitigation company going to use. Well we won't... READ MORE

Water In Basemet

This family’s residence experienced water damage. SERVPRO of Barron, Dunn, and Rusk Counties has the expertise and equipment to mitigate residential water... READ MORE

Water Restoration Crew Highly Trained and Professional

Our crew members at SERVPRO of Barron, Dunn, and Rusk Counties are trained and certified to come into your home and properly mitigate your water emergency and r... READ MORE

Sump Pump Failure

Being a homeowner can be great when everything is working smoothly, and we at SERVPRO of Barron, Dunn, and Rusk Counties love it when your home is running that ... READ MORE

Leaky Pipe on Roof

As shown in this picture this the aftermath of when a pipe on the roof isn't properly sealed and causing water to drip into the window side of the home. It was... READ MORE

Your Water Damaged Home

The before picture shown here is the result of a river flooding near a home and caused extensive water damage. The after picture is showing the water mitigated... READ MORE